School Uniform

The school colours are royal blue and white with a logoed school rucksack.

All children from Reception to Year 6 are expected to wear the school uniform. Uniform is voluntary for the Nursery children, although a school sweatshirt is encouraged.

To summarise the Cornerstone uniform is a choice of grey trousers, shorts, skirt, pinafore or, in the summer term, a checked royal blue dress. With the trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore a plain white t-shirt and royal blue logoed school jumper or school cardigan is required, although a logoed t-shirt is available and if possible we would like them to wear this. All children must wear smart black school shoes. Please note that we do not accept black trainers or brands like Vans as an alternative to smart shoes.

The Cornerstone bags have been chosen specifically due to being able to fit neatly within our lockers or hang on pegs safely. They are big enough to fit a child’s PE or swimming kit, and in combination with the book bag provided in Reception and a boot bag where appropriate, provides plenty of space for everything a child at Cornerstone requires. In school, children are provided with a fully stocked pencil case, drinks bottle, tablet computer, and can order a school dinner – so very little needs to travel between home and school.

PE Kit

All children should have a PE kit: A logoed navy blue t-shirt with navy blue sports shorts and blue football socks. On colder days the children will need the logoed navy blue hoody with matching navy blue jogging trousers. We have differentiated the colour from the uniform to ensure that children do get changed.

Children will need secure fitting trainers, not plimsoles, for PE. However, the trainers do not need to be of any specific colour. From year 1 up they will require football boots, which can be of any styles. We understand there is a cost implication, and we will inform you of when you need to purchase these. However, they need football boots for combined outdoor games sessions between Years 1 and 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6 each week where the field is used for a variety of team sports: in the wet, winter months the football boots are required for health and safety.

We know that uniform is costly and so we have ensured that the bulk of the uniform can be purchased from any retailer for items such as t-shirts, trousers, skirts and dresses. Clothing items with a logo can be purchased from Thomas Moore in Exeter, either in person or online by clicking here. Alternatively, during the school year you can place your order via your child’s WisePay account through our online shop and we will contact you when your items are ready to collect from school when you drop off or collect your child.

In partnership with ‘Friends of TCAT’ we have put together a uniform recycling system to support parents, which is massively supportive of families in ensuring they have uniform. It offers many items for sale at very affordable rates or as an exchange. If you have any uniform that you are now able to contribute to the scheme, please place items in the bins that are provided at each school.

Please view below to see the list of school uniform items.

School Uniform

Royal blue sweatshirt with logo

White polo shirt/blouse - logo optional

Grey trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore

Black shoes (no trainers)



A small Royal Blue Rucksack (Years R - 2)

A small Navy Blue Rucksack (Years 3 - 4)

A large Navy Blue Rucksack (Years 5 - 6)

PE & Games

Navy blue polo shirt with logo

Navy blue/black shorts


Football Boots

Navy blue hoody with logo

Navy blue tracksuit bottoms