The trust is pleased to own and operate a transport fleet consisting of several minibuses and a people carrier. This enables us to offer transport of children to each school as well as for sporting events and fixtures, places of interest linked to their class projects, swimming lessons, PE groups off-site, and many other activities away from school.

This service is offered with the aim of reducing the number of cars on the road, cutting carbon emissions, easing the congestion around the school at the busy times of the day and making it safer for children arriving at school as a result. It is a key part of the school travel plan. Each day we collect and drop off approximately 100 children, morning and evening, removing around 70 cars which would otherwise travel to and from Broadclyst and Westclyst.

Pick up service

Before and after the school day we also operate a bus pick-up service for children in the local area. It currently collects children from around the Pinhoe area and Cranbrook. 

If you are interested in using the bus service please could you complete the online form below to request your chosen bus stop and collection and drop off times. Also, we ask if you could please complete the bus agreement form below that outlines the expectations we have for its reasonable use.

We may not be able to accommodate your first choice. If the route you request is not available, we will discuss alternative routes and times with you. We can also add your request to the waiting list and let you know if/when a seat becomes available.

You can select a place on a bus for each morning of the week and for each evening of the week. If you wish to use the bus service every day, you need to select all 10 journeys and put them in your Wisepay shopping basket, which we discuss further below. 

Here are the timetables for morning and afternoon journeys for the buses. Note, some stops only have two pick up or drop off times, whereas others have three.

Click here to view the different bus routes available before and after school

Meet the Drivers

Nigel Baker

Nigel Baker

Pauline Beare

Pauline Beare

Tim Dienes

Tim Dienes

Paul Forde

Paul Forde

These are our main drivers for the bus service. We endeavour to create a level of consistency throughout the school terms, this enables the drivers to get to know the children well, and the children in turn can enjoy travelling with them each morning and evening. The distinctive silver bus can be seen each day and many pedestrians and motorists regularly wave at it as it passes.

There is a simple agreement that we ask all users to sign to ensure that the bus service is operated on clear and agreed terms.

We hope that you will find this service of use.

"I like the bus because I can talk with my friends on the way home and getting home is so much quicker than when my Mum picks me up." (Daisy, aged 8)

Bus Service Payments

All payments to be made via Wisepay.

Payment for the school bus is a donation and calculated at £1.00 per journey and multiplied by the number of weeks in the term. This charge goes towards the running costs of the buses.

If you book a place on the bus you also need to complete and sign the bus use agreement form that outlines the expectations we have for its reasonable use. New requests should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once we have confirmed that the routes you’ve requested are available you will need to book and pay on Wisepay to secure your booking.

Cancellations: Your commitment is to one term and this is not refundable. We cannot refund individual journeys missed either. If we, on the rare occasion, are unable to run the service we will not make refunds for that missed journey either. If you want to swap to a different bus stop or route in the future, if seats are available on that route, we will make these changes for you.